Dear God, Jesus, Mother Mary and St.Jude and all the Angels and Saints.
please send miracle healing now to my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney now to be healthy happy safe and protected and no detiorations in her health whatsoever and no skin ulcers or detiorations in her eyesight or hearing and no organ failures. Please rejuvenate my mums organs, limbs, muscles, blood, skin, mind, brain and body and that my mum Eileen Laney gets lots of kind help from her sons and Grandson and my mum Eileen Laney comes to Ireland lots lots more and no stress or pain with my mum Eileen Laney and her red inflamed chin and lips gets healed and that my adorable Mum Eileen Laney lives a long time and please send my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney more joy, health, wealth, love, peace, healing, friends and more positivity and no stress in her life. Please also pray for me, her daughter Denise Halligan that I win a life changing amount of money on the lottery so that I can help so many people out and charities for their highest good and especially to my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney as she is old 91, living in another country and I want to be able to help my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney out way way more and go over and see her tonnes more and take care of her more. My mum Eileen Laney Is a very special lady, I’ll be lost without her and it hurts not to be near her and to help out my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney more and more.
Please God, Jesus, Mother Mary and St.Jude please listen and hear my cries that you can do the impossible and let my prayers, dreams and wishes be answered for myself Denise Halligan and my most wonderful Mum Eileen Laney. We love you God, Jesus, Mother Mary and St.Jude and All the Angels and Saints and without you we are nothing. We love you all endlessly and without you God and Jesus we are nothing and all your Angels and Saints, we need you more than ever. We always need you and without you we can not survive Dear Lord Jesus Christ most high.
Thank you God, Jesus, Mother Mary, St.Jude and all the Angels and Saints for hearing my prayers and cries and for letting them all come true.
We truly love you endlessly.
We give you thanks and praise to you all today and always for ever and ever.
We love you.