Dear God, Jesus, Mother Mary and St.Jude, please send prayers to my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney now to be healthy happy safe and protected and no detiorations in her health and no skin ulcers or organ failures and no detiorations in her eyesight and renew her blood skin organs muscles limbs and make mum Eileen Laney feel whole again. Please pray my mum Eileen Laney’s new phone that she has that she can hear on it perfectly and no problems with it at all and her stair lift works well too with no problems and please Jesus and St.Jude, please send more joy into my mum Eileen Laney’s life, thank you. Please Jesus could you also send miracle healing now to my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney now for her highest good, thank you.
Without you Jesus we are nothing we give you thanks and praise always and forever and we love you endlessly and are eternally grateful to all the blessings you give us everyday particularly my wonderful Mum Eileen Laney. We both are so grateful to you Lord most high. Thank you and we love you.