please all pray for my husband as he goes for his biopsy tomorrow plse can there be no prostate cancer help me throughout the procedure and me. he is v nervous! thank you St Jude and please help my relationship with my lovely daughter but she is getting a bit rebellious towards me, help me in the morning to be able to get away ok from my v sick elderly mother plse look after her. help me not to be lazy i feel stressed & lethargic . plse pray my daughter passes her maths gcse it is her 4th time.hlp S to get a job apprenticeship or go back to his old line of work, plse he is lost. help me cope with J & J coming, u know how i feel about their living arrangements, it is upsetting. can dear m not find out. help J in his new job can he be happy in it, he had soo much stress Amen