Debbie J Evans

I’m asking for continued prayers as I’m getting really despondent and discouraged because God hasn’t answered my prayers yet. Though I’ve been praying constantly for the past 3 1/2 months and have requested prayers from several churches, prayer websites for over a month, God hasn’t answered prayers that God WILL HAVE Brian contact me, come to my house, restore the love Brian had for me, reunite us, open up communication between us, heal and restore our broken relationship. October 20th will be 4 months since Brian ended our 10month relationship, after the devil helped lead him away from the relationship we both know God brought us together to have. I still love Brian with all my heart and I really miss having him in my life. I’m trying to keep hope and faith that God WILL RESTORE WHAT WAS TAKEN, and WILL GIVE ME MY HEARTS DESIRE, (which is to be reunited with Brian and continue the relationship that God brought us together to have), and the scripture that that promises that where 2 or more are in agreement on something, THAT THING WILL BE DONE! PLEASE send intercessory prayers to God that HE WILL HAVE Brian contact me, reunite us, and WILL HEAL AND RESTORE OUR RELATIONSHIP that the devil took. I’m pleading with you to PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISES!!!I know the Bible says that God CAN’T LIE, SO WHY HASN’T HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS, AND RESTORE OUR RELATIONSHIP WHICH HE BROUGHT US TOGETHER TO HAVE? I’m so tired of hurting and not having Brian in my life. Please pray for us and please help us