Race against time to save a child.
Until now, the most devastating experience I have ever had, has been trying to save my adult daughter from years of addiction & attempted suicides. I am now desperate to save her 4 year old son, my grandson from an uncertain fate. My daughter’s illness has become more complicated by the grip of a
what appears to be a ‘Secret shame based cult’ guised as a drug rehab. After 10 months, she has become a member along with her new husband who is her the child’s father, a previous heroine addict. The parents, guided by the cult, intend to immediately isolate & groom him in their ways. This will make any contact with the outside world or any interference impossible. There he will live an isolated life at the rehab. No vaccinations, no covid protections or concerns. His
mother, already isolated & learning to become an “obedient wife” has completely turned away from me & allowed her husband to be the only point of
contact. His entitlement has made it clear that future communication or visitation will be made difficult if not impossible. My grandson’s room will be a doorless closet in his
parents’ bedroom with a with only a crib sized mattress wall to wall as his bed. Although only a toddler, he recently said to me in a soft voice, “are you going to save me?”. I am more frightened than I ever thought possible. Please pray for his safety.