Dearest St Jude

I’m believing for Miracles of Favor to rain 🌧 down on my life ,I’m praying for a Full Healing over my Mothers life she just finished her Radiation from a Rare Skin Cancer, she had a Small tumor and tintckles I believing for a miracle that the cancer will NEVER EVER RETURN and I suffer with HUGE Fibroids tumors, I’m believing that my MRI will be clear and clean nothing cancerous in my Uterus, also have to a major surgery coming up next year,I pray that it will be HUGE success 🙌🏽 🙏🏽. I was just laid off my job after years, in the Real Estate Field it judt happened. Im so sad right but I know a miracle is headed my way asap! My Faith is HUGE…I’m believing for a Plethora of Jobs offers with 3 to 4 times the compensation I was paid at my old Job, I’m believing for the very Best benefits for my surgery!! I’m Believing for the love of my life, you know all I’ve been through in Love?!? I’m Ready to receive all the Blessings and Favor that I have consistently prayed for ,In Jesus most Powerful name amen 🙏🏽