Dearest St Jude ,Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Rita S

St. Jude, St Expedite, I pray for Increase increase increase and Favor Favor Favor over my life! LORD and St.Jude, St. Expedite, I’m crying out to you. Please give me authority over this prayer to speak to you so that you will hear me loud and clear! Bless over my bank account, I pray for money for all of my bills for the months to come. Please bless me with enough seed money for my Clothing Brand. The kids and the adults love it to pieces, omg. Also I have a Major surgey coming up bless me with more than enough money to get my surgey, Omg I cry out O’ Lord hear my crys to you!!!!!! Please hear my prayers and help me St.Jude
St. Expedite!!! I pray it’s more than enough seed money left to get my truck fixed. I promise you, O’ LORD, and St.Jude St. Expedite. I will give back to my family and the needy, LORD. Please trust my words and my heart. St. Expedite, Mother Mary, St Jude,St. Joseph, St. Rita, St. Anthony, please intercede on my behalf. God, those checks that I wrote on my vision board about 3 to 4 years ago. I pray a powerful prayer that you will bless me with those check amounts asap. IN JESUS NAME 🙏🏼 🙌🏽 Amen

In the mean time Im believing and Praying for a new Fully Remote job in the Government Insuring Deptc St.Jude you know Im very seasoned in this dept many years under my belt!!!! Please with the remote ive been believing you for with a Hefty Compensation Package and Great Benefits with no grace period and a fairly reasonable Medical Insurance deductible. With a sweet pure soul and heart Hiring manager: I will keep asking and keep knocking.

St Jude, Mother Mary, St. Expedite, St. Rita St Anthony. I will forever speak your name in public and honor you forever🎖

My Faith is HUGE…..

Please enlarge my territory

Thank you with gratitude