Dearest St Jude and St Joseph and Mother Mary , St Anthony

Dear St Jude, I had a Interview with a Real Estate Mortgage Firm on yesterday 1-11-23. I pray 🙏🏼 I get the Job offer and all goes smooth and well. I pray a Huge prayer that the compensation and Benefits package is a blessing meaning I pray I get the amount of compensation that Im asking and believeing for . I Pray longevity and No lay offs etc. I pray that the Recruiter Danielle Huang truly calls me back or the Hiring Manager calls me back I pray myself and the hiring Manager have a great genuine connection. Give me this job opportunity that I have being praying to St Jude you and Mother Mary and St Joseph and St Anthony about. I pray also over the Hiring Manager that’s she or he is a compassionate spirit with a Pure heart and genuine soul. I rebuke and Bind a Micro-Managing spirited Manager and Double minded lying tongue spirited Manager; Sneaky Sabotage spirited manager or a Backstabbing spirited manager. I also pray for Genuine God fearing Trainer !! I REBUKE and BIND. PLEASE hear my Prayers St Jude please Intercede on my be half! My Faith is Huge!! In Jesus most Powerful name 🙏🏼