Dearest St Jude

Dearest Father, Padra, St Peregrine, Mother Mary, St Padres, St Jude, HEAL my body of EXlarge I pray St Jude please Shrink these Fibroids tunors, Miracles happen everyday. In these Fibroid Tumors, I pray there is NO cancer cell trying to Form in My body or my uterus Heal my body from the Top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I pray a Big prayer that My MRI report and both ultrasounds come back clear and clean no sign of nothing cancerous In Jesus most Powerful name amen. I also pray over my Mothers body rebuke and Bind rare skin cancer tumor and the tinckles will never ever grow back on my Mother body and in her body every again in! Also heal my Grand Mothers im praying for a Clean and Negative Biopsy Report for my Dads Mother IN JESUS MOST POWERFUL NAME AMEN 🙏🏼…. My Faith is HUGE ,I believe strongly!