Dearest St Jude

I have an MRI Coming up on 9/15/23 about my Fibroids tumors, please I pray that the Report comes back Clean and Clear with no sign of any cancer or cancerous cells of any kind in my uterus or my Fibroids or in my body In Jesus most POWERFUL NAME. I pray a powerful prayer that the Fibroids aren’t trying to attach themselves to my organs!!! Im crying out to you St Peregrine I pray for a Highly successful and very safe surgery bless my OBGYN Hands and her entire team, and also bless the anesthesiologist! Cover my life my body, precious LORD!! I put this long-awaited surgery in your hands completely.

Please heal my body from unwanted bacteria, critters etc, Iam HEALED in Jesus precious blood amen.

I am HEALED I am believing in Super Natural healing!!! Also Please forever HEAL my Mother had the scare of a rare skin cancer and a small tumor with the tickles in her abandonment her MRI came back Clean and Clear please please HEAL my Mom’s forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Jesus precious blood, 🙏🏼 🙏🏼