David R.

All thanks and praise to God for all things; all thanks for an end to Covid19 pandemic, all thanks for cancer, diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, stroke free now, all thanks for indigestion healing etc. all thanks for a the end of the cottage problems and for the sale of the cottage as soon as possible, All thanks for all we have received and for all we are about to receive and for all we are receiving from all that is above on and below the Earth, from all the points N.S.E.W. from all dark an mysterious places flowing into our hearts, souls, bodies top to bottom head to toe, all households, accounts, wallets pocket books, thirty, 40, sixty, 100 million fold, with enough for all retirements, ministry, personal needs, all thanks to St Jude for intercession and answer to prayers fulfilling petitions and for blessings, healing, favor received all thanks. Amen