My dear St. Jude and all the intercessors, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the miracle of healing my elderly father who is fighting cancer. I like to celebrate every little bits of good news as I know this is your answer to all my prayers. His doctor said that based from his recent scan, his treatments went well. I’m crying with joy upon hearing this and would like to say thank you very much for helping my father. Please continue to give him strength so he can recover and heal quickly. Please remove all the side effects in his body, all the pain, all the discomfort he is feeling, and stop these tumors from spreading in his body. Please continue to heal my father. Please help him in this journey and our family. I also pray for my mother that she will be healthy and will be blessed with everything she needs while she care for my father. Give her good health, courage, strength, patience, endurance, and hope. I fervently pray that my elderly father will soon heal from all the side effects of his cancer treatment. Please give him back his strength so he can gain weight, do things like he used to do, and to be completely healed. I also pray that his next brain scan will bring another good news to us that his treatment went well. Please continue to control the cancer in his body to stop from spreading. Please don’t let us lose our hope that things will get better again. I pray for his heart as well that his heart is healthy. I also pray for myself because I will have a doctor’s checkup that all my lab works are normal and that I will not have any serious illness or cancer. My little children are still dependent on me. I fervently pray that I will live longer so I can be there for them every step of the way. Healthy and safe. I also pray for my mother, my siblings and their children, my husband, and close friends. Please keep them all healthy and safe always and that none of them will have cancer or any serious illness. Please continue to help for the complete healing of my father. Please continue to be with us and I pray for all the people asking for help and seeking hope in this prayer circle. Please grant all their prayers. Thank you kindly, St. Jude. I love you so much. Amen.