My dear St. Jude, please help me from all my struggles right now. There’s so many difficult things that’s happening in my life right now and I feel so overwhelmed, stressed, worried, scared, and helpless. Please help intercede for me to our Lord that this miracle I am requesting for will be granted. I fervently pray for my elderly father who is fighting cancer. He’s so weak and have been in pain for weeks already. He cannot eat, all the side effects from his treatments and pain meds are not helping him recover quickly. Please take away all the pain he’s feeling, all the side effects, all the tumors in his body, and all the things that’s stopping him to be strong again. Please give him lots of strength in fighting this deadly disease. Please don’t allow us to lose our hope that my father will be healed. Please help us. With God’s grace and mercy I know that he will be healed. Please make his scan bring good news that he’s been healed and his treatments are over. This is really so hard on his body and it breaks my heart to see him in pain and suffering. I don’t know what to do, St. Jude. I don’t know what else we can do. This is so hard and the pain I’m feeling is never ending. I also worry about my mother who is taking care of my father. This is so difficult for her, please help lighten the burdens we have right now by giving us good news and improvement in my father’s recovery. Please have pity on my father. He’s really having a difficult time. Please help my father. Please heal my father. I also pray for myself that I will be healthy and safe always. My children are still so little and they need me. Please don’t let me get sick. I pray that me, my husband, my mother, my siblings and their families, and my children will all be healthy, safe, and happy. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer and other serious illnesses. Please bless us with a long and healthy life. Please don’t forget my father. Please heal my father asap. Please help us, St. Jude. Thank you so much. Amen.