Dear St. Jude, I’m sorry if I keep asking for the same prayers every day. Only thing that is left for us right now is to hold on to our faith and hope that our prayers will be answered. That this miracle I am requesting will be granted. Please help me. I am so stressed, afraid, worried, flustered every day. There’s so much things going on in my life right now and I’m really feeling down and having a difficult time. Not a day goes by that I didn’t cry. I hope you can help me. Pleasr heal my elderly father who is fighting cancer. Please heal his body urgently. Please remove this cancer, all tumors, all the side effects, all the pain in his body asap. Please give my father with a lot of strength to fight this deadly disease. Please take away all the pain he is feeling right now so he can eat again and so he doesn’t need to take pain meds that’s giving him side effects too. Please have pity on my father who’s been really going through a difficult time right now. He cannot eat, he’s been in pain for so long, because of the side effects from his treatment. Please don’t let us lose our hope. Please don’t let us be afraid to pray for the impossible. Please please heal my father asap. Please restore his health and give him all the nutrients and strength that was lost from his body. Please give us hope, peace, and happiness always. Please grant this miracle that I am requesting for my father. Please help my father recover from this deadly sickness because this is beyond our control. Please take away all the pain that he is feeling so he can stop taking all these narcotics that’s been giving him side effects also. I really don’t know what to do. We are all feeling helpless and we know that God is the only one in control of everything. Please fight this cancer for my father. Please help him. Please hear our prayers. I also fervently pray that his next scan will show good news that he’s been healed and that his body is responding well from his treatments. I also pray that since they discharged him from the hospital it will do him more good than bad. I surrender all these things to you as all my fears, hopes, and worries are out of my control. Please hear our prayers. Please have mercy and have pity on my father. I will forever owe my everything to you, dear St. Jude. I promise that I will honor your name and lead others to you. I also pray for all the people in this prayer circle asking for help. Please grant their prayers. Thank you so much, St. Jude. AmenYeah