Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my elder daughter who is pregnant and her delivery date is today morning . Please bless her and keep her safe dear lord .
She is suffering from lot of health problems – gestation diabetes, itching all over the body, ( do not know the reason need liver test but here hospitals not functioning properly) edema all over body – albumin variations, she is not taking care of herself nor her diet and her husband and his mother all are not supportive of a healthy diet and do not have the intelligence or will to sweet talk her into taking a healthy diet.
i am far away from her lord and need to go and visit her today in such extreme bad weather today by public transport with my cancer patient husband – please be with us lord .
She has married into a poor family and so has no good life- its a struggle all the time and pinch for money. all good food costs money and cheap food is all carbs and unhealthy –
dont know what to do but pray to you and hope you will be there for her and the baby..please let all be normal for the baby and no complications which we are so worried about -the scan showed stomach of baby bloated so we are worried and length of legs not measuring up -please correct it lord and let there be no problems for the mother and the baby.
i just came to know that her gynacologist is late so they are getting late and she has been pushed from the first to second on the list now .
Please lord let the doctor be able to come in time and do the delivery with alertness and correct mental status and decisions – please let all go well -she has not slept one wink last night because of the body itching.
Please be with her lord and keep her in your arms protected from all harm
Please let our journey to visit my daughter be safe and protected by you .
we are old and has health issues but still travelling in this extreme weather to make sure she is okay – her husband cannot speak the local language and we are worried .
Prayers to all in this circle and beyond – may god bless all
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her over the years always granted – forever grateful to you – amen