please let the health of my pregnant elder daughter who has high risk pregnancy become normal – let her high level sugar come down and let her not eat anything that will effect her bad –
please lord her delivery is a C section under anasthesia and she has to be in good health – please give her the strength physical and mental to go through the delivery safely and let the mother and the foetus be safe always – and normal —
please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems
please take care of her first child and her mother in law –and her overworked tired husband – please let your presence be there in their house — they are ignorant simpletons village people – please put some sense in them on to support my daughter in her food habits-
let her vomiting not happen again and the gas formation stop and the chest pain and shoulder pain also go away –
Thank you St Jude for all your favours to her and family -amen