Daniel Mart

I belong to a local Episcopal church in Cupertino, California. I pray that everyone seeing this message reads it with their deepest intentions, and that it is shared widely; with church groups and the like.

My name is Daniel Mart. My dad, Eric Richard Mart, is not a believer. Last fall, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; today, we found out that he might have a kidney infection; tomorrow, he gets tested again. He has been taken taken off chemo; as of now, there is nothing to stop the tumor growth.

Lord, you are I truly, truly believe the greatest physician of them all. I command the cancer in my dads body to leave; forbid cancer cells in dads body to multiply, in Jesus name. I command existing cancer cells in his body to die; the spirits of death & fear in him to leave, in Jesus name
I ask that the Lord come with His wonderful healing presence, and complete the healing and work His glory in my dads body, in Jesus name.
I ask that the Holy Spirit come to fill and encourage my dad, and to minister to him, in Jesus name. Please protect him, Lord, and heal him. I realize that I am not the best Christian; far from it, actually.

My extreme pure OCD — sexual/pedophilia OCD, TBB — and depression — at times quite manic, with bipolar — makes everything so entirely challenging; many a time have I slipped, like majorly, and I just know that I will continue to slip in the future.

Yet, Lord, you know my heart, and you know who I am. And you know that, despite my thoughts, despite my actions, I would never ever hurt anybody. I am so thankful that I “have” never actually hurt anyone; I am blessed.

I am trying my best.

In Jesus name.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

This I pray.