I want share my prayer of Thanksgiving for what St. Jude’s intercession did for me and my family. We have been dealing with severe financial difficulty for many years, and we still are. In that time our house fell into foreclosure not once, but twice, and each time were able to save it. It was heading towards a 3rd foreclosure, but this time, we were out of resources that could save it. We were desperate and prayed to St. Jude for his help. A friend told us about a home program that we qualified for which would pay out mortgage for a year. We applied and although the waiting was torture, especially as we drifted closer to another foreclosure, we were approved and accepted into the program and our mortgage is bring paid! Our son who is an exceptional student also received a scholarship which is paying his last year of high school. We are still in a financial crisis, but St. Jude has definitely responded to our many requests for his help and intercession. Prayer to him does work, please give serious thought to praying a Novena dedicated to St. Jude! Thank you God and thank you so much St. Jude!!