My dear St Jude, please guide my daughter when choosing her masters course -and let her choose her career path only as per your wish – I am giving all my savings for her to do this masters either in Germany or the country where her sister and me are living now. Please let it be your decision lord and let us not make any expensive mistakes which we just cannot afford . Please let her get back her belief in God and the power of prayers . Please protect her from her evil friends who use her, play politics and the apartment owners association people who are after her because she is single unmarried person living inviting friends which is looked down by family only apartments .
She is currently jobless, no money all her savings are taken by friends I really dont know how is that happening.
She is a very weak person -please send a good man to save her protect her and give her a life which she never had coming from a broken miserable poor single mom family – please send your powerful miracles to save her lord -let her fall in love to a man who loves her too- her soul mate – please remove all the obstacles in front of her to succeed in life with your mighty power – please bless her and let her forget all her bad past and move ahead with her future plans – please let her be able to get out of the country where woman don’t stand a chance to succeed with men – and find new life in the west please . please let her be able to get the second vaccine and fix dates for the wisdom tooth surgery urgently and a cyst removal surgery -urgently lord . it has to be done safely -and let her have good health and good immunity . Thank you St Jude for all your favours to her – eternally grateful -amen