Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, guide my younger daughter and her health which she does not take care and is overworking to make extra money.
She is just skin and bones and looks very unhealthy- please lord take care of her -she is all alone in a big city with no family member in the country –
Please urgently come to her rescue lord – please let her take care of herself whatever she decide to do –
Please let her come and join me and her sister abroad if you think that is best for her lord to study in University or by getting married.
My daughter has lost all her good looks now lord – i happened to see a picture of hers and its not good at all . please send your powerful miracles to help her to find her soul mate lord
Dear lord please let her see the reality and understand her situation and she is not going anywhere with no plans no targets nothing in her life .
Please let her fall in love with a good man lord and let her forget her miserable past boyfriend and move ahead in life and fall in love and get a life and get some financial security in her life my dear St jude.
Please let her be safe and let her stop at once her smoking habits and all other bad habits if any and also let all her bad company stop and let her be surrounded by good people
let her belief in prayers and god come back lord /
Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems- Thank you for all your favours my dear St Jude to her – amen