st Jude – Thankyou so much for blessing my whole fly & saving us from many difficulties which we were facing
st jude – Thankyou for blessing my 2 daughter -M & S a good jobs & their promotion please bless their pr comes soon -please bless my son C to get a good job soon-bless his interview and please bless him to get a pr soon. st jude I beg to you please make them stand on their feet in buying a good house & bless my 3 children with a good Catholic life partner – Have mercy on my 3 children please
Bless my wife -M & Myself C to refrain us from petty clashes bless us to understand each other -bless our both jobs -help us to get more financial help to buy a house which we are longing for -bless our promotion and salary increase for me – st jude bless my whole family in peace of mind and good health – please protect us from all visible & invisible enemies — thankyou so much I love you st jude for coming in haste and inteceding & pleading to jesus a big blessing miracles for my whole family