St Jude- My wofe (M) & my self (C) are both leg knees are paining very badly — my wife left leg knee was slight swollen for the past 3 weeks but medication just slight imporvement but the pain on knee is there —- also today my left leg knee is paining
st jude please bless my daughter (S) her PR status to be apporved soon -open the door for her soon- also bless (M) to get that ircc that blog for applying to those finishes their education in 2018 -bless this opening is done and help her to apply & get her pr status – Please bless my son C to also get his pr status and bless his job — please bless all my 3 children get promotion and reach to the highest level of manager in their job
st jude bless M & C in good health and bless that my 3 children applies for us parent the PR status — please help me to get the financial help to buy a house & business in canada – please bless our spiritual life and bring us closer to us — please bless our travel plan in dec – to mumbai please protect us and bless a big miracle for us that we are safe and come back soon to work –
please bless all my visible & invisible enemies – have mercy on them and i forgive them – bless my inlaws. & my brother & sister family
thankyou so much for your healing miracle blessing –I love you – amen amen amen