Dear st jude i thankyou for all the wonderful unexpected miracles you have blest me – really i am very happy and blest .
st jude please bless my daughter M & my son C they attended the interview – please bless that they get a permanant job call – bless those manager their heart and select my both children –
st jude please bless my 3 children M,C&S to get their permanant residence card and also both parent C&M get PR and join with our 3 children
st jude please bless my car accident insurance money and touch their heart to settle my dues soon
st jude please bless my daughter car her loan money is reduced from the bank & beoz of covid & high interest is reduced
st jude please bless our both health C & M that our acidity & pressure drops down and that we are kept in good health the body pain and heavy sleepy head disappears.
st jude please bless a new house for me & my family – have mercy on us and bless all our favours in blest and answered through our lord jesus christ
thankyou so much