st jude- thankyou for i got the accident papers from the court and it was on my favours – i submitted all the case papers to the Ministry of commerce & they will forward it to the Ghazal Insurance to settle my amount – please bless those insurance people and help me to get the money as soon as possible — st jude please bless my elder son & my second daughter to get their work visa and to get a call for the best permanant job soon – please bless my youngest daughter to get her job permanant with the pr status soon – please present a big gift for her on her birthday on 6th Nov,2020- st jude i love and help this miracle to happen soon .
Thankyou so much == i love you – amen amen amen
please bless all my petitions which i submitted earlier to you — please bless a big miracle for all my favours to be answered — st jude please make the impossible to a possible miracle