Dear St Jude – Thankyou for blessing M my daughter interivew – st jude please bless a blessing positive miracle answer and that she get this job in the city, st jude please bless my son C to get his work visa soon and bless him to get the job soon also,st jude please S my daughter to touch the heart of the manager to make my daughter permanant soon and bless all my 3 children get their pr status soon and also for C & M also- please bless our finance help soon -help me to clear all my present loans – please st jude please bless me to get my car insurance money reimburse to us soon, bless my daughter M car loan outstanding is reduced as the bank mistake is rectified, please open the doors for us to get our money recovered whatever we have lost -protect us from all visible & invisible enemies -bless my sponsor T & his wife in good health – please have mercy on us and our family -thankyou st jude