st jude thankyou for your wonderful help in blessing my 3 children C,M&S for a job – S has forwarded her cv to another dept & the supervisor will call her for interview next week ,Bless M that she has got her job but please protect her from the disturbance in her job to start -Bless My son C to get his driving licence date early & that he pass his driving exam and get the job which they asked for his driving licence- st jude protect my whole fly my wife M & myself from all visible & invisible enemies -have mercy on them – please keep my fly safe -bless us financial help to buy a own house of our own which we are longiing for -bless my sponsor T long and happy life and inspire him to give me a financial blessing – st jude please solve all our problems -please resolve all our problem in this situation as per God will – please come in haste to help soon – st jude i am not asking for gold or silver but begging to bless my 3 children to get their appointment letter and to start the job soon — plese plead to jesus your cousin a big miracle for us – Please make the impossible a possible blessing miracle for us – thankyou so much