st jude thankyou for blessing us miracles the impossible petitions make it possible blessing
st jude please bless my 3 children to get them permanant job with canada PR status – please bless them to find a good house with good reasonable rent
st jude please make a way for us finance help to clear all my loans and to get my insurance claim and also for my daughter bank loan amount is reduced – please bless this a big miracle for us
st jude please bless my wife health and my health — help us to stay fit and happy
st jude please bless my whole family with PR status & to buiy a new house in canada & a business to start – please help us financially
-please bless my sponsor tony & wife long happy life and bless them peace and happiness – bless a big miracle for all of us soon – please touch tony heart to give me a finanaical help – have mercy on us st jude help us soon and protect myself & my whole family from all dangers and suffering ..please be with us and bless a big miracle soon for us
thankyou my big brother st jude — please come in haste and help me & my fly soon –
amen amen amen