Charlotte C M Herring

Please St Jude, I Pray that my almost 89 year old mother – who is in chronic pain and suffering with gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma – passes quickly, without further pain and suffering, while she is still in her own home – as this slow coach to hell is not something she enjoys, nor do I cope too well with watching her go through this. She has after all, been ill and dying with Cancer for one type and now another, for over 23 years. Isn’t it time to call it a day? Isn’t it time she actually dies completely, instead of this super slow and painful journey.

If you can’t take her Lord, take me, because I cannot do this any longer! I have passed my breaking point!! Surely, I have a right to some life of my own?? I am also in my late 60’s – how long do you intend to make me go through this?? I know she is the one with the Cancer, and the pain, but I too have pain, and now – with each demand becoming more demanding, more time consuming, and more demeaning, I cannot take this any longer. Please take her. Quickly, swiftly – without any further hesitations.

And as I said before, if you cannot take her. Then take me. Although, if you take me, then you will also need to take Allan at the same time, because he is totally dependant upon me, and would not survive for a day if something was to happen to me. But, then, you would also need to take care of Damien, because although he is in his group home, he is still very reliant upon us.

Please hear my prayer, and please answer my prayer. This just cannot continue on this way. I know that Irene wants mother to hold onto Mother until she is at least 90, and then, it will be 95, and then it will be 100. But Lord, I CANNOT KEEP GOING LIKE THIS! And Irene only comes up from NSW for a few days once a year, unlike me, who is here at her beck and call, 24/7 for the last 22 years.

Please – please – please. Do something about this.