Cathy lynn

My dear beloved Saint Jude, my patron saint, I am devoted to you. Thank you for your healing, help, blessings and intersessions. Thank you for all you do for my boys and all of us. St Jude, please pray for us. Beloved Saint Jude you are needed today. Please pray and help A and E as they move. Please heal my son A, strengthen him, revitalize him, and make him a healthy and strong young man. Please keep him and his family completely protected as they travel and in their new city. May they adjust quickly and be better than ever. Surely their later days are better than their former days. I am ever mindful and thankful for your help and healing. May my husband and I get there safely and in the best of health. Thank you so very much St Jude. May God bless you always. I love you always. Thank you. Amen. The Novena never fails.