Cathy Lynn

Dearest St. Jude, thank you for your blessings, help and intercessions upon my sons, my sister and myself. We have all begun healing and are on the path to good health and protection thanks to you and Lord Jesus. I know how you have helped us in the past, and I pray you continue to help us every day. Please keep my boys healthy, safe and thriving in their jobs, continue to bless my sister in her full recovery, and continue to keep me healthy and protected. Please make me healthier, stronger and better than ever. I pray the xray shows my lungs are healthy, normal, functioning optimally. Thank you so much Lord Jesus. Thank you so much St. Jude. May God bless you both always. I love you both tremendously and I am devoted to you always. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen. The Novena never fails.