Carolyn Doody

Dear St. Jude, I am a single woman, recently was diagnosed with cancer and tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 I will be undergoing a pet scan, from my brain down to my toes and I will meet with oncologist on Wednesday. I’m scared and it has financially hit me hard because the type of job I have and the people, who will be giving my pay, but are reviewing it. I’m desperately asking for a miracle of healing of this one part of cancer and not have the outcome that it spread. I’ve already been told that I have to get radioactive treatments and one day of radioactive/chemotherapy for the 5 day treatments of radiotherapy starting in a week.or more for 4 to 6 weeks.. Reality has hit me when I’ve come to realize I have cancer. IT seems though one thing keeps going car wouldn’t start. So.they told me I have to take it mechanic..That would b a minor problem. But knowing I have cancer getting overwhelmed with fear and I’m getting in.more financial debt. From the hospital bills and visits. I ask you St. JUDE in Jesus name for a miracle of healing my full body, soul and mind..Amen. Thank you St. JUDE and Mother Mary and all the saints in heaven. Amen