Carole N.

I’m praying for my best friend and until recently my boyfriend Steve who I love, who may not even consider me a friend anymore. I don’t think he counts me among his friends. I pray that Steve will find his way to God. He’s a young adult in his mid 20s whose parents never took him to church as a child, and we were in love. I tried to bring him to God, I don’t think I tried well enough, but he seemed interested in becoming a member of the Catholic church, I took him with me about two months ago. Suddenly one day he said he doesn’t know what he wants with his life anymore and says he doesn’t love me or want to spend his life with me anymore, and that he could never feel that way about me again, when we had even recently been talking about getting married, and we’d been in love since we met 3 years ago. He’s my best friend. I’ve not heard from him in almost two months. He’s kind of been raised to think that he’s too young for anything like marriage, though he’s 24, and has a very stable job as a FedEx driver. He thought he was too young even to date anyone until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend 8 months ago, we’re the only ones either of us had ever had. He thinks that life is just for being happy and having as good as a time as we can while we are here. I hope that God will change his heart so that he will want me in his life again and we can spend our lives together, but even if that is not God’s will, I love Steve, and I want him to find God, and I also pray that he learns the golden rule of treating others how he would like to be treated. He has been treating me very bad lately, and I don’t mind too much because I’m glad I can suffer, but he would do it to other people too, he knows it’s wrong and he’s done it before but it’s been 3 years and he hasn’t changed and he had said he had. I am so worried for him, and I hope God will take special care of him and bring him back to Him, and if possible bring him back to me so I can help him too. When we were together I didn’t help him enough, and I love him very much, I would love another chance… God had already blessed me with another chance, but I really pray for another… Before Steve asked me to be his girlfriend he had cut me out of his life completely for 9 months, and even moved to another town. He blocked my number and never said anything to me, not even an explanation as to why he didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. He would avoid any place I might be and once he accidentally came somewhere I was and immediately drove off when he realized I was there. I never heard from him and I never thought I would again, then one night when I was in great sadness at missing my best friend so much I went to sleep, and was awakened by my phone ringing, and it was Steve. God had brought him back into my life at so unexpected a time in my life, I know it was a blessing from God. He told me he was sorry for many things and even an incident I had forgotten, when I had asked him to go to church with me and he wouldn’t. That seemed like a most impossible blessing from God as I never thought Steve would be in my life again, now I am asking for the same impossible blessing. Steve is doing all those things to me again. He’s blocked me and cut me out completely, he even somehow got me kicked off of facebook. I don’t know why he is doing this, as I only love him. It seems like an even more lost cause than before, but I know that as impossible as anything may seem all things are possible with God, and I know Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations, and for me this is a very lost cause. Ever since I met Steve, I’ve felt beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is the man God has chosen for me, especially when I lost him before and by God’s grace He gave him back to me. I know it was through God! And if it was not because God wanted us together I don’t understand why He sent Steve back to me for a time. I will forever be blessed that God has given me any time with Steve. I feel that after God granted me this wonderful gift of bringing him back after he was gone for so long, I was not as good and grateful as I should be, and so deserved to have him taken from me. I didn’t try as hard as I should have to bring him to God, and I didn’t pray as often as I had used to, and would worry too much about the relationship and possibly losing Steve again, instead of putting all my trust in God and not worrying. We live 50 miles apart, and he works almost all the time being a FedEx driver he didn’t have much time for me, my worrying irked him. All the time I’ve been separated from him this time I’ve tried to change and would never be that way again the worrying or straying from God, I really have changed and been blessed through prayers, and reading the lives of the Saints, if you will just grant me another chance with him, please! Please bring him back to me and bring him to You. If it is God’s will, I beg you St. Jude to intercede for me in this impossible cause so that my Steve finds you, and so that he will come back to me this time for good, and that we can be married sooner than later. Thank you for hearing my prayer I know it is possible, and if God sees fit for this to come to pass through you, that instant, I will drop anything I am doing to tell everyone the wonderful gift God has wrought to me through your intercession and the friends in your prayer circle. Thank you so much, I’m sorry this was so long!!