Carole N.

My prayer is for the fixing of the relationship as a couple and the friendship my best friend/boy friend and I had. Please Saint Jude, Steve is the one I feel like I’m supposed to spend my life with. I love him very much, but sometimes I’m afraid he wont ever talk to me again. Please give me the patience and strength to wait for him. Please ask God also to give us both humility, patience, and understanding. Please help him listen to God and his heart, and stop listening to his friend who it seems is trying to keep us apart. Please help him want to know again who I really am and not listen to anyone else. Please somehow give us another chance soon, I miss him so much. If it isn’t God’s will please take this will from me, and please ask God to send me the one He does want me to spend my life with. If it is His will, please give me the strength and patience to go on waiting, and also the faith and hope to know it will work out. If it’s at all possible please could you give me a sign, or a knowing feeling that it’s going to work out. Thank you so much St. Jude.