Carole N.

For more strength for me, so that I can have patience with the pain I have in missing my best friend right now. That my best friend Steve will forgive me truly and so that we can try again very soon, and finally see each other, this time focusing more on God. Please Saint Jude can you ask God to bring him back to me soon, if it is His will that we be together, and if it is not His will, that I no longer have this desire. For Steve so that he sees God’s will for him. For my dad to find God again and the church and to really know and understand he church’s teachings. For my sister, and for my friend Will, so that they soon find their places in life. For Steve’s parents, so that they will find God and the church, and for his mom especially so that she can let him go, and instead encourage him to get married and start his own life. For Devik and Kelly so that they will soon find God and get married, so that their baby on the way will have God in his life his whole life through and will have a good family and parents, so that he is baptized and doesn’t have to be like so many young people today who have never known God.