Carole N.

St. Jude, thank you for answering my prayer in some part today!!! I asked you for your intercession in bringing my best friend back to me. Today I actually saw him and I think with time we might be able to work some of it out as far as being friends! He has forgiven me he says! Thank you so much! I know it was through your intercession!!
St Jude I’m praying again to ask you to still bring him closer to God everyday, and bring us back together in love not just as friends but again as a couple, and let me help him, if it’s God’s will, I still think God has chosen him for me.
Things I’ve told Steve about how I’ve changed, I’m afraid he does not believe, please let him really truly believe the things I have tried to tell him. Let him understand why I like suffering and understand it makes me happy, he doesn’t understand that he didn’t hurt me in our relationship but made me happy. St Jude, he finally told me that his main reason for not wanting to be in a relationship with me anymore is that he thinks I have an obsession with him, and that I can’t be happy without him, and that that is too much pressure on him that he doesn’t want. St Jude, on my own I know I can’t change that feeling of his, I think he may have been harboring this feeling for a long time and he has finally told me, I need your help to let him see that that’s not how it is or would be if we get together again. Please Saint Jude, change him so he sees this isn’t true, and help me change so that I can be everything I should in a friend and a girlfriend for him, especially to change from the ways that hurt him, and please help me be strong until God allows all this to pass. If I have been wrong about Steve being the one, please Jude I beg you to take away all the feelings I have for him and send the one who really is for me quickly. Today I felt even more strongly that Steve really is the one, let him see and believe. Please make our friendship stronger than ever! I love him so much, please St. Jude bring us back together closer even than we used to be, if it be God’s will. This really is the kind of relationship I want even though before I shirked away from the hard parts. I want those hard parts! I would be glad to have our relationship as hard as before because I know now that I am strong enough to take it, please Jude make Steve know also that I am strong enough. Please keep him safe always and close to God, please let him see that he needs to take more rest from work as he has been working 7 days straight for almost a month, and really that’s not even allowed. I really pray he takes a break. I’m sorry again that this is so long, but please Jude continue to help me with this! Thank you for helping us be on good terms. He wants some time to himself for a while, please help me to be strong during this time, and while he reflects, please take away all of his doubts about me and let us try again as a couple with God as our goal, I beg you for this blessing, I beg you to bring him to God and bring him and I together as a couple again! I will recommend you to everyone most ardently when it comes to pass, it still seems impossible but not so much as the past month!! Thank you Jude for hearing my prayer and for helping me already I know you can help me with this, please intercede for me in this that seems impossible and in Steve’s mind is impossible.