Dear St. Jude. I pray for my brothers healing for he is suffereing from colon cancer. And conversion, let him feel your presence and that he is not alone, let not only give him strength to overcome this illness but strenghthen his faith in you as well. For there is many obstacles to still overcome but only god knows the plan he has in store for us. I pray he becomes a warrior and he’ll speak his testimony in your name, god. I pray his bloodwork comes out good. Give him strength, courage, hope for only you know what hes going through. I want to also thank god for another day of life, another day i get to see my brother although not in the best condition, im grateful to still see my family altogether.
I also want to pray for my spouse, i know hes dealing with stress, give him peace. I pray for his health, hes been dealing with some unknown health issues at the moment, let it not be severe. And l pray for their mental health and my family.
Lastly i pray for those who are dealing with any health issues, cancer, pediatric cancer, the homeless, family problems etc, give families the strength, courage, wisdom, understanding and faith.