Brian Vodicka

I pray, and I want father Brumell to especially pray, and all the Claretians at St. Jude to pray over University of California Los Angeles, Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel Dr . Marl Levine, that he will intercede and facilitate a 3 way phone call with the wife of Dr. Thomas Lee, the Professor Emeritus Director of Bands, at UCLA, so I may be able to talk with Dr. Lee after no contact the last 42 years so that I may tell Dr. Lee how important he was to my entire journey thru life. It all depends on Dr. and Vice Chancellor Mark Levine to determine whether I will be able to talk with Dr.. Lee before he passes away. All Vuce Chacellor Levine has to do is call Dr. Lee’s wife, get her to put Dr Lee on the phone, and say to DR. Lee what I have written out in detail to obtain Dr. Lee’s permission and authority to patch me into a 3 way call.

I have been trying to contact Dr. Lee for two whole years now, and this is my final attempt. Either God moves Vice Chancellor Levine to place a 3 way call or God will shut the door, and then I will turn to the serenity prayer.

Pleas thank all the Claretians for specially praying over this request. Its in God’s hands now.