St. Jude I pray that you will use your special intercession and relationship with the Lord to fervently pray for the healing of my friends with cancer and currently undergoing chemo for them to be healed fully, for my friend Amanda that has lost herself to drugs to open her heart and life to God, for my friend Christie’s hisband TJ who just had a stroke and for her father Pat whom also had a stroke, for my son and daughter to always have their hearts open and eyes turned to God, for healing for my mom and dad in all the ways they need it, and for my students to have the protection and grace of Jesus love – may they find their way to him, that my family who have not opened their hearts or minds to God that they may do so. May all the above mentioned know and recognize your grace and love throughout the rest if their lives and may they lean into your protection and plan for them as they carry their crosses. Thank you for all of my blessings and all the ways you have saved me. Thank you God for getting me through the divorce, house, and financial issues and for all of those things being opportunities to deepen my relationshipwith you. Thank you St. Jude for using your special intercession to pray for me when things were so bleak and I felt hopeless, but wasn’t without hope. Thank you God for your grace and love of me and letting me know you.