God please bless 🙌 me to carry out all your will. All my hopes and dreams to come true. God please hear my prayers and requests 🙏 🙌 😢 God you have the power and strength to make everything possible in the world, please send me your gifts of love and hopes 🙏Amen 🙏
Please pray for my children (Michelle, Steve and Shawn) to contact me soon ✝️ 🙏 😢
Please pray that I overcome all my financial difficulties and struggles 🙏 St.Jude please intercede on my behalf with God to bless me abundantly so that I can pay my financial debts ,help poor and needy people around the world 🙏 Praise be to God Almighty 🙏 Alleluia
God bless 🙌 🙏
Your servant