Betsy M

Please pray for my daughter Amanda Z. She is in a bad place right now very depressed I’m afraid she may hurt her self or worse yet commit suicide. I’ve begged her to go get help but she will not listen. She is in a bad marriage that she will not leave because she loves her husband. Please pray that this marriage can become strong and that their love for each other can continue. Amanda also has a horrible job with a national insurance company in customer service. This company forces them to work awful hours and forced overtime. She is stressed beyond her limit daily with this job. She is suffering from migraines and tension headaches, depression, anxiety, overall sadness and again I’m afraid she may be suicidal. Please pray that my daughter can be healed of her depression anxiety her suicidal tendencies. Please help her to seek and find Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior again. She has lost her way and needs to come back to Christ. Please help to heal her marriage. She said she may quit her job and she will have no income to support herself. Her husband does work but his job cannot support all the bills that they have accrued. Please Saint Jude, Saint Anthony, Blessed Mother and Jesus please help my daughter to find healing for her mental health, find a new and better job with less stress and better hours and help to heal her marriage. Please pray for my daughter everyone I would be ever so grateful.