Betsy M

Please pray for my daughter Amanda Z. She is in a very bad place in her life right now. She’s very depressed and anxious and I’m afraid she may harm herself. I’ve tried to talk to her to get help but she will not listen me. The first thing that is wrong is her marriage is not very strong and her husband puts her down. I need prayers that their marriage can become stronger or that she has the courage to leave. The second thing she has a horrendous job that she dislikes. The company she works for treats them terribly forces them to work overtime for very little pay. The job is stressful and it’s taking a toll on her. She has tension and migraine headaches daily. She cannot afford to quit, if she does she cannot afford to pay her bills. Her husband cannot afford to pay all the bills on his salary. So please pray that my daughter can find peace in her life, be healed from the depression and anxiety, find a new and better job and heal her marriage. Please St. Jude help my daughter to heal from all of these and also find a new and better job as soon as possible. Also help Amanda seek and find Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior again.