Most Holy St. Jude, thank you for making sure my sister’s test came back cancer free. Please intercede for my son who is very sick. I ask for complete healing in body, mind and Spirit. Heal his blood. Also, please cure my daughter of her IBS, sometimes it makes her life unbearable. Please heal the growth that no doctor has been able to heal, it bleeds and oozes constantly. She’s taken so much medicine, only Jesus can heal her of her diabetes, too. Please fix the mess at my husband’s work with the new owner constantly harassing him. Take the demons away. Please heal his arthritis in his knees and hips. Please heal my Mom’s Afib and diabetes, make her weak legs stronger. Please cure Frank of his Parkinson’s, he is suffering so. Please heal Jen, make her tumor shrink and help her to conceive. Help us St. Jude to get out of debt so we can help others. Please give me strength and patience to deal with everything. And I need healing in my right foot and hip. Thank you St. Jude, you have never failed us in many generations of requests and need. Thank you and Amen. Please answer all prayers in the prayer circle.