Most Holy St. Jude, please heal our friend, Joe, who is in the hospital with an infection and sepsis. Also, intercede for my daughter to cure her diabetes and get her health under control after being diagnosed with covid. Please heal my husband’s broken foot and damaged knee and let him get back to work. Let his customers be there when he returns. Please heal and restore Frank of his Parkinson’s disease. He must improve St. Jude, for my sisters sake. Heal my sister of her diabetes and other health issues. Please make sure Mom made it to Heaven, when she transitioned in July. Please sell Gene’s house asap, before they foreclose. Help him find decent work and health insurance, since he lost his job due to the pandemic. St. Jude, you have always helped my family and we are so grateful to you and Jesus. Please let my granddaughter be born safely and keep Jen and Matt well. Amen