Most Holy St. Jude, please intercede for my family. Ask jesus to heal my daughter in law of her blood issue. Ask the Lord to let it not be cancer or anything else bad. Help her to conceive and have a healthy baby and that she will be well also. Please heal my son of his Epstein – Barr virus and give him strength, help him to beat his depression and anxiety. Please intrtcede for my daughter, that her diabetes is cured, no more medicine, and that her IBS and skin cysts are healed. Help her find the husband that God has chosen for her. Please ask Jesus to heal my husband’s knees and hips, he is a mess and can’t afford the surgery. Please bring peace to him at his job and increase his sales 100 fold. Please help me to pay for my much needed dental work and take the pain from my body. Also, I ask for healing for Frank with Parkinson’s, Drew who is going blind, Frank with pancreatic cancer, Pat with diabetes and a bad heart and Angie with diabetes and heart damage. And please help everyone in the Prayer Circle. I ask this in Jesus’ most holy name. Amen. Thank you St. Jude, you have always come through for us !!!