Most Holy St. Jude, please intercede for my daughter and her wounded heart. Send her husband so she can have a Blessed marriage and children. Please heal her IBS and diabetes. Please heal my son of his Epstein Barr Syndrome. Make his heart, liver and kidneys well. He just turned 26. Also let him get the new job he applied for. Please heal my daughter in law’s hip tumor and help her to ovulate and conceive a healthy child. Please heal my husband’s hips and knees and make him quit smoking. Just take the desire for cigarettes away. Please intercede for my elderly mother’s heart, mind, diabetes and broken legs. Heal her Lord. Please allow my sister’s boyfriend to qualify for Deep Brain Stimulation to be cured of his Parkinson’s disease. Please help my sister to be healthy and strong caring for her friend. Please help me not to lose my mind with all of my stressors. Help us to pay our debts, dear St. Jude. You have never failed to intervene for us. Thank you and Amen