Bernie D

please pray my son will come off drugs completely and find happiness & direction in his life plse can we get this new house if at all possible hlp us know if we should move or not. plse keep despair away from me i feel terrible after all the arguing here I should have just ignored or refrained plse can my husband be clear of his cancer. plse complete healing for my sister from her cancer plse can she not have any problems whatso ever with her head now. hlp J & J their relationship can they get married if be your will hlp S his relationship can J apologise for coming around & upsetting me if they r to get bck together. plse send good things & good people S’s way, can S love the move can it work out for us I beg, can R have many more years of life left in him. can we get this i saw in q p, if possible i love it, can it be right for us? plse can i get away from my s’sbur remain at peace with them all, plse can it not just be a dream that will never come to pass plse can it happen for M & I, can S find happiness & we be near A’s & it be a good thing Amen