please all pray for my dear Sister M for her cancer not to spread anymore. Can she please get the treatment she needs & give her the strength to continue fighting for her best treatment can she get some positive news with this 2nd opinion i beg. can she get manageable treatment.
plse hlp my husband & I things have been so bad mostly with my feelings towards him that I have wondered if God wants us to split plse put these thoughts out of my mind. hlp me in my decision to love always. may i count my blessings, plse can my sisters hlp out more I don’t think i can take on too much at the moment with my mental health can I take measures to improve it. plse hlp me to finish my course & make a good therapist, i have felt like giving up, I struggle with the computer a bit now hlp me to get the hlp i need im not that young anymore!
plse can my moods improve so I am able to be a source of strength to my family, husband & 3 now Young adults I get soo low.
hlp J & J can they be very happy it has been a long time now, if be your will can they Marry one day & be very happy. hlp S quite lost as he has been for a good while, plse can you hlp him to find direction live a worthwhile life & be happy, i can’t bear to see him unhappy, he has had such a lot of depression in his short life. keep him away from drugs & bad company. hlp A as she returns to uni look after her for me I just am not sure about this boyfriend weather he is good for her or not. hlp her can she love her course & keep depression away from her as well, & away for J. Amen