Please can my lovely youngish husband not have cancer Lord, we have had so many problems as u know & I have spent a lot of my life looking after others please do not like us have bad news from these tests can it be something else give. help my 3 children with their lives and problems Lord, heal me pray for me I feel soo anxious lonely and afraid at times. can my transfer which has happend at work due to problems at my old place u know well be OK, please can i make good friends there & be happy i so need some happiness in my life & for my dear family. plse pray & look after my elderly mother I am soo emotionally drained from looking after her but she is suffering soo much please can she not feel lonely & help her health improve, can she now have the right medication plse can she get over to E if be for her good. Can my sisters help out more & agree to come out a bit more to free me up for my own family & their needs.