Dear st Jude and everyone on the prayer circle, my mum may be nearing the end now. She is 96, took a urinary tract infection after surviving a stroke , I time I hospital, and quarantine on her return to her care home. No one has Bern allowed inside since March due to restrictions but we could wave at the window and outside visits had begun. As mum began to decline a few weeks ago we thought it was the isolation and began to plan to take her our to live with my sister so we could box with her. Now she tested positive for covid a few days ago and is too frail to be moved even to hospital. She has not been eating and drinking very little. We are all distressed that no one is allowed in. Do I pray for her recovery st Jude? So that she can go to my sister’s? Or do I accept now is mums time and if so, pray that she is not distressed at any time that her family can not be with her. If so i pray she feels us all so very strongly within her heart and soul. Yet i pray that if there is any chance of her recovery, God will grant us that so we can take her to my sisters to see her and be with her after she tests negative. If it her time , were faced with the dilemma that if my sister is allowed in during mums last moments she will have to quarantine and miss the funeral. Please pray for us st Jude. Pray for my mum’s recovery. You know all the difficulties. Pease pray for us. Help mum recover while there is still a little bit of hope. Please pray for all our family. Thank you st Jude for this and all your past help and present help. Amen