For strengthen g of my marriage & family. Better relationships hlp my sons come to know you. For some joy & happiness in our family & in my extended family there has been a lot of misery. Guide my daughter can she be more resilient & able for life. Good friends for us to share with & overcome my lethargy & tiredness & good friends & support for my children. Hp B to return ba k to you. Hp me tomorrow night. Hp mum with her dreadful health & peace again between me & M & all my sisters. Help my cousin & his family to come to terms with the terrible tragedy of my cousins suicide his sister. A v troubled soul I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. Hp me to reach my full potential I know I am living below it, help the differences in my m. Hp me in my job to get att Co Ord if possible or made permanen. Hp M to get his business going. Please pray I will be a better mother & housewife. Amen